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General Education and Dawah


Audio-visual Materials

Hadith & Seerah


Islamic Art, calligraphy & Architecture, Nasheed,Masjid, Video & Broadcasting

Salat & du'a



Friday Khutbah



Distant Learning
Women & Family Muslim World
- child care, child's name, fashion etc. - news & magazine
Science & Culture Islam & Other Religions



Creation Science


Misc. & other Links

Key : 

- highly recommended

- recommended


99 Names of Allah  ( 1 ) ( 2 )

About Jihad
BBC on Islam

Be convinced
Enjoining Right and Forbidding Wrong - By Ibn Taimia

Every Muslim Net - quite resourceful in different topics e.g. Important days & events, Islamic months, inspiration stories, Islamic medicine etc.

ICNA Islamic Circle of North America

International Strategy and Policy Institute - with powerpoints and on-line books 

Investigating Islam

Islam House - introducing Islam in many different languages


IslamiCity in Cyberspace

Islam - the Modern Religion

Islam - Questions and Answers
Islam - The Eternal Path to Peace
Islam 101

Islam Guide - A Brief Illustrated Guide to Understanding Islam, Muslims, & the Quran


Islam Tomorrow - (Yusuf Estes - Priest and Preachers Entering Islam)

IslamCan - with many good stories
Islamic Web

Islam Story - "This day in history", "Western Eye", "Islamic Civilization"," Muslim Figures" are good references


Jaafar Sheikh Idris
Mission Islam - very resourceful

Muslim - resourceful, with TV channels
Net Muslims - section on Muslim contribution to civilization, video and games for children

The Religion of Islam

Turning to Islam    -  big no. of video of new Muslims
What is Islam ?                                                                                             

WHY Islam                                                                                                    

Qur'an ( T - text and meaning ;A - audio )



Al - translations in different languages along with a list of most fundamental tafsir works from various schools of Islamic juridprudence; with search function


Holy Quran Resources - Shia's view


Listen to Qur'an Online- recitation with translation in different languages displayed



Meaning of The Qur'an (2) by Maududi ( download )  (Introd. ) (Introd. 2 )



Message of the Qur'an by Muhammad Asad



On Line Quran Project : Arabic parallel with great no. of diff. translations (Eng.), with search engine


On Line Quran Reciter 2.0



Qur'an browser (Yet Another Quran Browser) - search in different translations



Qur'an Explorer ( recitation in Arabic & English translation in text & audio )


Qur'an - learn to read Qur'an with teachers online, pay site



Qur'an in different languages


Qur'an in English, translated by Abdullah Yusuf Ali ( 1, 2, 3 pdf )


Qur'an Index - Harun Yahya


Qur'an - index, transliteration and search


Qur'an Online memorization, recitation, duaa and search


Qur'an translations translation of  Yusuf Ali, Muhammad Pickhall & Shakir in parallel



Qurany - Quran database, translations, transliterations, recitation, interpertation



Quran Recitation & Search ( IslamiCity ) - with audio in English translation; with phonetical  search, comprehensive search in different languages and transliteration



Qur'an transliteration ( learning Arabic pronunciation , learning du'a )


Search Truth : - Search Engine for Qur'an & Hadith


Tafsir Ibn Kathir - a famous tafsir (meaning) of Qur'an



Ulum al Qur'an  (Science of Qur'an) by Ahmad V. Denffer ( 1, 2 )



Verse by Verse Qur'an - providefree access to the Quran in MP3 format, verse by verse 
Hadith & Seerah
12 Proofs that Muhammad is a True prophet

Hadith Collection : Complete Sahih Bukhari, Muslim, Malik's Muwatta and Partial Abu Dawud

Life of Muhammad (pbuh) by Muhammad Husayn Haykal

Peace Be Upon Him - a comprehensive introduction to the life of Prophet Muhammad(pbuh), including his biography, his character, his credential, his relations etc.

Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h.)
Rasulullah (p.b.u.h.)

Search Truth :- Search engine for Qur'an & Hadith

Seven Phases of Prophet Muhammad's Life

Stories of the Prophets & Stories of Companions & Wives of SAW
Teaching Plan on Prophet Muhammad

The Prophet of Mercy - a very comprehensive program for introducing the Merciful Prophet Muhammad (pbup)

The Prophet's Multiple Marriages:Why ? - with resourceful links ( Islam On-line )
Translation of Sahih Bukhari ( )


Translation of Sahih Muslim (
Translation of Malik's Muwatta ( )
Translation of Sunan Abu-Dawud ( )
Salat & du'a
Authentic Supplications of the Prophet

Du'a Book (by Jamal Badawi)

Funeral, Ablution & Prayer ( flash)
illustrated Janazah Guide

Make Duaa - fortification of Muslim through rememberance & supplications from Qur'an & Sunnah ( duaa for grave visiting )

Proper way to make du'a during prayer Islam Q&A
Qibla Locator

The Right Way to Pray  ( flash by IslamicFinder )


The Right Way to Pray ( step by step )


Hajj & Umrah ( "step by step" with flash )
Hajj and 'Umrah ( )
Hajj & 'Umrah From A To Z (pdf)


Hajj at Channel 4 - with flash on "Virtual Hajj"

Education & Dawah

Access Islam - resource for teaching Islamic cultures etc. to children of grades 4-8
Biographies of the Companions ( Sahaabah )

Institute of Islamic Information and Education   -   is dedicated to the cause of Islam in North America by providing accurate information about Islamic beliefs, history and civilization from authentic sources.

Internet Islamic History Sourcebook

International Board of Educational Research and Resources  - research on Islamic education and related issues

International Islamic University Malaysia

Islam The Eternal Path to Jannah-- Islamic Information and Resources
Islamic Education Foundation

Islamic Foundation of North America
Islamic Foundation UK
Islamic Networks Group
Islamic Research Foundation
Islamic Society of North America  (ISNA)
Medieval Sourcebook Islam -- (History)
Muslim Education Trust
Muslim Students Association of University of Evansville
Ottoman Khilafa

Sunni Path - online Islamic courses
World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY)


Audio Visual Materials

Islamic Art

Art Islamic - Digital art and photograph gallery

Bonner Design Consultancy  -  Islamic geometric patterns, architectural ornamentation

Crystal Cloud Graphics-Islamic Theme - free Islamic clipart 

Haqa online - multimedia on Islam

Islamic Art - Islamic Art, Music, And Architecture Around The World

Islamic Art - collection at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, LACMA

Islamic Art - collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Islamic Art & pattern - (1) (2)

Islamic Art & geometric design (pdf file)

Islamic Design  - geometry and pattern
Islamic Geometric Patterns - Grid Method Classification (pdf)
Islamic Star Patterns

Taprat  - computer-generated Islamic star patterns

Tareq Rajab Museum (Kuwait)  

Topkapi  - museum in Istanbul with rich Islamic Art collection


Islamic Calligraphy

Art Bismillah
ArabicAlphabet Writing
Islamic Calligraphy ( IslamiCity )

Sakkal Design - Arabic & Islamic Calligraphy

Styles of Arabic Calligraphy


Islamic Architecture

ArchNet - digital library of Islamic architecture of the world

Broug Ateliers for Islamic Art & Architecture - Islamic Art, Architecture, geometric design, muqarnas etc.


Islamic Architecture - Islamic Art, Architecture etc.

Islamic & Arabic Arts & Architecture
Muslim Photo Gallery - picture stock library of Muslim locations around the world

Muqarnas  - a 3D decoration of Islamic Architecture

Sites in 3D - panoramic photos of Tokapi Palace, Blue Mosque, Maiden Tower etc.

Virtual Walking Tour  - panoramic photos of  Suleymaniye Mosque, Alhambra, Al-Haram Al-Sharif



3D Ka'bah - 3D model of Ka'bah

Ka'bah Info - everything you want to know about Ka'bah

Jerusalem: An Islamic Perspective - by Dr. Muzammil H. Siddiqi


Masjid in Malaysia

Mosques of the World - sacred destinations

Noble Sanctuary at Jerusalem

Pictures of Makkah and Mediah

World Mosques


Flash & Nasheed etc. - large quantity of flash in Arabic

Flashes Page - at

Nasheed Islamic Songs

Nasheed Tube

Sesame Soft - large quantity of flash mainly in Arabic
Cartoons - Al Jazeera Net


Video & Broadcasting

99 Islam - a lot of good video lectures by Yusuf Estes and others

Al Qamar Designs - multimedia & links to good sites

Guide Us TV - multimedia & links to good sites

Huda.TV  -  TV program on-line

International Islamic Propagation Centre TV  -  live Islamic TV

Islam Channel.TV  -  TV program on-line ( watch on-line )

Islam Projects - is a multimedia effort aimed at schools, communities etc. who want a clearer understanding of Islam

Islam - The Modern Religion (Video)

IslamAlways - links to various sites hosted by Yusuf Estes and associates
Islamic Broadcasting Network - radio broadcasting on-line

IslamicTube - lots of video

Islamic Teaching (Islam-online) - Audio Program by Dr. Jamal Badawi

IslamTomorrow - lots of video & links



MeccaCentric - High Quality Lectures About Islam 

MAS Media Foundation - media production division of Muslim America Society

Muhammad Legacy of a Prophet PBS

Muslim Channels TV

MuslimVideo - have lots of video and also on-line TV channels. Can also share you video with others


MyMuslimTV - similar to Youtube

Turn to Islam  - a lot of video  ( New Muslims Video )

TubeIslam - lots of talks by Yusuf Estes & others
Albalagh Children

Bismillah - the Islamic page for kids

For Children
Game Room (Net Muslims)

Islam for Kids

Islamic Playground

Matching Games for Muslim Children  - Islamweb ( flash )
Kids Islamic Stories
Repent Stories

Truths For Kids - by Harun Yahya


Young Enlightened Submitter - the Quranic study sessions designed for the young(6-12)

Young Muslims

Al Minbar - direct from Makkah (very resourceful)

Delivering the Friday Sermon in a Language Other than Arabic (Islam on-line)

Friday Khutbah ( ISNA) - some text of Khutbah with way of conducting Khutbah
Friday Khutbah - video, audio or text of Khutbah conducted

Khutbahs - Transcripts of Khutbahs from various Mosques in "Islamic Network" - classified Khutbah in different languages

Khutbah Bank - text or audio Khutbah, with index and selection of short Khutbahs for special situation

Language of Friday Khutbah - by Mufti Taqi Uthmani ( argue for using Arabic only)

Language of Khutbat-al-Jum'ah - comparing the views different schools of thought

MUIS Friday Khutbah - full text of weekly Khutbahs issued by Islamic Religious Council of Singapore(MUIS) - updated regularly

Weekly Khutbah online  -  text of Khutbah conducted in Islamic Cultural Centre & London Central Mosque

Distant Learning
Islamic American University
London Open College
American Open University


Women & Family

Everything Islamic - shop online for Hijabs, Abayas, Jilbabs, Attar, Perfume
Gender Equity in Islam ( by Jamal Badawi )

Hijab Campaign ( Islam-online)

Hijab Shop

Interview with Muslim Women
Islamic Boutique
Islamic Clothing

Islam's Women
Muslim Names ( need to change name ; (1)(2)(3)(4) (5)(6)

Muslim Family - Resources on family life and parenting
Names According to Quran and Sunnah

Resources For and About Muslim Women

Status of Woman In Islam by Dr. Jamal Badawi ( or 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 pdf)
The Status of Woman in Islam (adopted from "Islam in Focus" )

Woman's Status in Christianity and Islam
Women in Islam
Women in Islam Versus Women in the Judaeo-Christian Tradition ( IslamiCity )
ZAWAJ.COM - Muslim Matrimonials ,wedding photos, customs, recipes etc.


Islam & Science

Beautiful Miracles of Allah

Center for Islam & Science

Commission on Scientific Signs of Qur'an & Sunnah

It is the Truth  ( 1 ), ( 2 ), ( 3 ), ( 4 ) pdf1    pdf2
Hilal (crescent)Sighting

Miracles of the Quran ( Harun Yahya )
Moonsighting with Astronomy
PBS Islam-Empire of Faith

Qur'an & Human Development - video of Sheikh Zindani on work of Prof. Keith Moore, highly recommended

Qur'an and Modern Science - by Dr. Maurice Bucaille, edited by Dr. A. A. B. Philips
Qur'an Miracles

Qur'an Miracles Encyclopedia (updated)
Science Leads to Islam

Scientists comment on the Qur'an comments of eminent Scientists of different fields

Secret of Quran Miracles - Site Of Abduldaem Al-Kaheel

Islam & Culture

Arab and Muslim Scientists - by Canadian Arab Friendship Association of Edmonton

Arab Roots of European Medicine

Arab Science - A Journey of Innovation - by Qatar Foundation

Arabesco - dedicated to Islamic heritage and Muslim contribution science and knowledge
Islam, A World Civilization
Islam' Contribution and Influence on the World - Institute of Arabic and Islamic Studies
Islamic Culture and the Medical Arts - U.S. National Library of Medicine

Islamic Golden Age - Wikipedia
Islam Illuminates the World - Harun Yahya

Muslim Contribution to Civilization - by Jamal Badawi

Muslim Heritage
Muslim Scientists & Civilization - 1000 Years of Missing History
Muslim Scientists and Thinkers - IslamiCity

Muslim Contribution to Civilization - by Dr. Jamal Badawi

Medieval Islamic Culture - project prepared by Nick Bartel, Horace Mann Middle School, San Francisco

Saudi Aramco World - to broaden knowledge of the cultures, history and geography of the Arab and Muslim worlds and their connections with the West.



A Brief Illustrated Guide To Understanding Islam (pdf)

Creation Science
Creation Science ( Christian View )

Harun Yahya  ( )      ( more .... )
Islam and Archaeology 101

Muslim World - news & magazine

Al Jazeera Net 
Al-Awda The Palestine Right to Return Coalition
Al-Khilafah Publications
Programme on Governance in the Arab Region (UN Development Programme)
Gulf Time Newspaper

Islamic Broadcasting Network

Muslim News

Muslim Population Worldwide
Muslimedia International
MIFTAH- Your Key to Palestine


Organisation of Islamic Conference


Saudi Aramco World - magazine on Muslim and Arab culture, history and geography 
Muslim Population

An analysis of the World Muslim population by Country / Region (CIA World Factbook 2009)

Mapping the Global Muslim Population (October 2009)
Muslim Population Worldwide

Islam & Other Religions

Comparative Religion - Islam 101
Gospel of Barnabas

Islam And Christianity - A Comparative Analysis  (The unofficial page of Sheikh Ahmed Deedat's literature )

Islam Cracks The Code - Da Vinci
Islamic Awareness

Islamic Propagation Centre International
Islamic Research Foundation
Let the Bible Speak !
Muslim Answers

Peace & Humanity : - compares various issues in Christianity and Islam. Sources mainly from Bible and Quran, for better understanding between Christians and Muslims.

The Bible, The Qur'an and Science by Maurice Bucaille ( 2 )
What Did Jesus Really Say?


101 Clear Contradictions in the Bible
Biblical Errancy
Bible's Origins
JESUS.DOC : Are the Gospels True ? : - Comparing and contrasting Christianity and Islam (Offers fairly encyclopedic definitions on most of the world's religions, striving for an even-handed treatment of disputes between denominations)

Stories of New Muslims (1) (2) (3) ( 4 ) ( 5 ) ( 6 , 7 video)
The Bible's Unholy Origins , ( It's Critique , A Detailed Rebuttal of It's Critique )
Torah True Jews Against Zionism

Welcome Back To Islam


Chinese Muslims in Thailand ( in Thai )
China Muslim Silaturrahim

Islam, Astronomy, Crescent Moon (HILAL), New Moon, and Cyberspace 
Islamic Agenda - date converter


Alhabib Islamic Web Service - Islamic calendar, qibla pointer. greeting card tec.


Malaysian Chinese Muslim Association


Moonsighting Committee Worldwide


Zakat Calculator


Other Links

A2Youth--Islamic Top Sites a list of links to nearly 150 Islamic websites

Arabic in English

Arabic Learning Resources

Free Islamic Resources Page

Glossary of Islamic Terms and Concepts 
Ibrahim Shafi's Home Page : a categorized listing of useful links on Islam, its beliefs and practices.

Islam Direct
Al-Islami.Com Search for Muslim & Islam Related Websites
Islamic Finder
Islamic Interlink
Islamic Links on world wide web : hosted by the Capital Development Authority, Islamabad

Islamic World Net - Directory
Learnig Arabic

MamaList - database of Islamic sites
Search For Islam

Sultan Islamic links : Discover Islam, Muslim people, Holy Quran and Islamic Religion 

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