The Creation of the Universe  
  The materialist philosophy proposes that the universe is an uncontrolled heap of matter that existed since eternity. Modern discoveries, however, entirely refuted this materialist claim.
Today, science has proven that the universe was created from nothingness with a Big Bang. Moreover, all physical balances of the universe are designed to support human life. From the nuclear reactions in stars to the chemical properties of atoms, everything is created in a great harmony. This is the exalted and flawless creation of God, the Lord of All the Worlds.

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The Miracle in the Atom  
  In a body that is made up of atoms, you breathe in air, eat food, and drink liquids that are all composed of atoms. Everything you see is nothing but the result of the collision of electrons of atoms with photons.
In this book, the implausibility of the spontaneous formation of an atom, the building-block of everything, living or non-living, is related and the flawless nature of God's creation is demonstrated.
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Magnificence Everywhere  
Atomun Srlar?   
  Think for a moment about what is necessary for a man to survive. Water, the sun, the atmosphere, plants and animals?All kinds of details, all kinds of conditions you can or can't think of at that moment are naturally available on the Earth. From the movements of heavenly bodies to the orbits of atoms, from the human body to plants and animals, we witness a perfect design.
This is the magnificent creation of God that can be observed throughout the entire universe and need to be thought over in order to comprehend the beauty and majesty of His creation.
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The Creation of the Universe

With the verification of the Big Bang theory, which maintained that the universe was brought into being with a big explosion, the concept of eternal matter? that constituted the basis of the materialist philosophy is thrown into the trash-heap of history.
In this film,you will see how modern astronomy and physics imply a fact that materialists are unwilling to accept, that is, the existence of a Creator.
Duration: 25 minutes

The Miracle Planet : 1- 2
In this film you will journey through a miraculous place where its features-mass, structure, temperature and so on-are designed "just right for life and for the survival of living beings".
That is our Earth?BR> Millions of animals, plants, insects and sea creatures, all with different structures, colors and features live together on this special planet. The great harmony on Earth and the wonderful life on it are proofs of the existence of God and the artistry of His creation.
Orders of the Heavens
Did you know that if the universe had expanded just a little faster after Big Bang, then the matter in it would have been scattered and spread out across the universe, lost in a way that would have precluded the formation of both galaxies and stars. Or if they had flown apart slightly slowly, all the matter would have clumped together before the star systems had a chance to form,. This is just one example of the universe's fine-tuning. See how modern astronomy reveals the signs of God.
Duration: 60 minutes

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