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1.小 淨


1.    洗臉上自額髮邊下至頷下,兩旁至耳。

2.    洗兩手,連同手肘。

3.    摸頭四分之一。


4.    洗兩腳連同踝骨。


1.      淨下(洗大小便處)

2.      舉意。

3.      念主的尊名。

4.      洗手至腕。

5.      漱口。

6.      刷牙。

7.      淨鼻。

8.      潔淨鬍鬚。

9.      摸頭的全部。

10.  摸耳。

11.  搜手腳的指縫。

12.  每處洗三遍。

13.  順次序。

14.  不間斷連續洗。

15.  每番拜作小淨一次。


1.      洗手至腕 (三次)

2.      漱口(三次)

3.      淨鼻(三次)

4.      洗臉 (由額髮邊起至下頰兩鬢共三次)

5.      洗右手至肘 (三次)

6.      洗左手至肘 (三次)

7.      抹頭四分之一 。

8.      抹兩耳。

9.      抹頸脖。

10.  洗右腳至踝(三次)

11.  洗左腳至踝(三次)


1.      大便。

2.      小便。

3.      下氣。

4.      瘡膿。

5.      出血。

6.      流黃水。

7.      嘔吐。

8.      倚靠的睡。

9.      暈厥。

10.  癲癇。

11.  醉。

12.  拜中大笑。

13.  男女擁抱。

2.大 淨





1.      小淨 (不須洗兩腳)

2.      洗頭。

3.      洗耳。

4.      漱口。

5.      淨鼻。

6.      洗臉。

7.      洗右肩右腋沿臂至手。

8.      洗左肩左腋沿臂至手。

9.      洗前身。

10.  洗後背。

11.  洗下身前部。

12.  洗下身後部。

13.  洗右腿。

14.  洗左腿。

15.  洗右腳。

16.  洗左腳。


1.      男女房事。

2.      婦女月事。

3.      婦女產後血 (未淨)

4.      夢遺。

5.      醒時動情的洩身。









       We must have major and minor ablutions before we perform prayers or touch the Holy Quran.  According to our Islamic precepts we are forbidden to perform prayers or touch the Holy Quran without ablutions.

1        Minor Ablution ( Wudhu )

The Fardh (essential matters) of the Minor Ablution are four:

1.     Wash the whole face.

2.        Wash two forearms up to the elbows.

3.            Wipe the head with wet hands to at least                 a quarter of the head.

4.         Wash the feet up to the ankles.

The Sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH) Minor Ablution are fifteen :

1.       Clean the private parts.

2.       Have the Intention to perform ablution.

3.       Begin in the Name of Allah (SWT).

4.       Wash both hands up to the wrist.

5.       Rinse mouth.

6.       Brush teeth. 

7.       Cleanse nostrils by sniffing water into             them.

8.       Wet the beard.

9.       Wipe the whole head.

10.   Wipe ears, inside and outside.

11.   Wash in between of the fingers and the toes.

12.   Wash three times each action.

13.   Do in sequence.

14.    Wash continuously.

15.    Perform ablution before every prayer.

How to perform the Minor Ablution  :

1.         ash hands up to the wrist three times.

2.         Rinse mouth three times.

3.         Cleanse nostrils three times.

4.         Wash whole face three times (from ear to     ear and hairline to chin).

5.         Wash right forearm up to elbow three times.

6.         Wash left forearm up to elbow three times.

7.            Wipe the head with wet hands to at least   a quarter of the head.

8.         Wipe ears, inside and outside.

9.         Wipe the neck.

10.     Wash right foot up to ankle three times.

11.     Wash left foot up to ankle three times.

Minor Ablution is broken in the following ways:

1.        Stooling.

2.         Urinating.

3.         Breaking wind.

4.         Effusion of pus.

5.         Effusion of blood.

6.         Effusion of bloody in the mouth.

7.         Vomiting.

8.         Reclining sleep.

9.         Fainting.

10.     Epilepsy.

11.     Drunkenness.

12.     Laughing during the performance of prayers.

13.     Embracing opposite sex.


2        Major Ablution

The Fardh ( essential matters ) of the Major Ablution are three :

1.          Rinse mouth.

2.          Cleanse nostrils.

3.          Wash whole body, from top to bottom, right to left and front to back (every inch of skin should be washed).

How to perform the Major Ablution:


1.       Take the minor ablution (except the feet).

2.       Wash hair.

3.      Wash ears.

4.       Rinse mouth.

5.       Cleanse nostrils.

6.       Wash face.

7.       Wash the whole right arm from shoulder to the hand.

8.       Wash the whole left arm from shoulder to the hand.

9.       Wash the front upper part of the body (up to the naval).

10.   Wash the upper part of the back.

11.   Wash the front lower part of the body (from the naval downwards).

12.   Wash the lower part of the back.

13.   Wash the entire right leg (from the thigh down).

14.   Wash the entire left leg (from the thigh down).

15.   Wash the right foot.

16.   Wash the left foot.



Major Ablution is broken in the following ways:


1.         Sexual intercourse.

2.         Menstruation.

3.         Postnatal hemorrhage.

4.         Effusion of semen in dream.

5.         Effusion of semen in passion.



It is necessary to restore a Major or a Minor Ablution when it has been broken.  Do not delay.  It is essential that a Muslim has Major Ablution at all times. 


       A Major Ablution is maintained indefinitely if it is not broken by any of the above five ways.  When we have Major Ablution, only Minor Ablution is required should we wish to touch or read the Holy Quran or to perform prayers.